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With working on Reflex, I’ve been looking at books that are more than just text. Lauren Redniss has two books that fit the bill. I’ve only read Century Girl, but I’m looking forward to reading her other one about Marie Curie. Both books combine Redniss’ handwritten text with a collage of pictures, Redniss’ sketches, and artifacts of letters, telegrams, and other items. Century Girl is about the oldest living (as of 2004) Ziegfield Follies Girl, Doris Eaton. She started in show-biz very young, and made her way into movies before retiring. She came back and danced for the reopening of the New Amsterdam Theater in the heart of Times Square (refurbished for Disney productions and original home of The Lion King musical).  I love reading nonfiction for inspiration for my poems, but this one definitely helps see another way to blend writing and art in one book creatively. I highly recommend it!


Hello and welcome!

I’ll make this a brief introduction. I always remind my students that first impressions are made within seconds of meeting someone. You’ve already formed one based on the template I’ve chosen to decorate my blog, or because you found my website, or you already know me. If this is your first encounter with me and my work, you can already tell I’m pretty relaxed and conversational, as are a lot of my poems. I love persona poems because I can be anyone I feel like being, from a young hick in love with his horse to an old woman inside her church, praying her life will end soon. I’ve even played at being a serial killer. Creepy. I hope in future posts to keep everyone updated on my reading and writing life, my inspiration, and other creative endeavors, like Reflex, a new collaboration I’m working on with other poets and artists. Enjoy!